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Ok it’s Sunday and I promised Brady/Brody I would put up the rest of Mikey’s book list, that way over the next few days the Ebay books will go up. So here we go. 1.Escapism – Vi Fu Than
2.Sudden Fiction – Various Short Stories
3.The Holographic Universe – Michael Talbot
4.Animal Farm – Geroge Orwell
5.Personal Awareness the Psychology of Adjustment – Richard G. Wafga 6.E=MC2 – David Bodanis 7.Detox – DR. Christina
8.Finnegans Wake – James Joyce 9. Valice – Phillip K. Dick
10.THe Iceman – Phillip Carlo 11. Dubliners – James Joyce
12.The Old Man and The Sea – Hemmingway
13.American Theocracy – Kevin Phillips
14.Ishmael – Daniel Quinn( lg. print) 15.Ishmael – Namiel Quinn
16.Less – Marc Lesser
17. Eating the Dinosaur – Chuck Clausterman
18. Huna – Serge Kahili King
19.I am America – Stephen Colbert
20.The Theory of Knowledge – Maurice Comforth
21.I Ching Life – Wu Wei 22.Little Book of Big Ideas – Dr. Quantum
23.Shifting Realities:Selected Literary & Philosophical Writing Philip K Dicks
24.Realm of Unknowing – Mark Rudman
25.Cash Flow – Robert T. Klyosaki 26.Cloud Hidden – Alen Watts
27.Slaughterhouse Five – Kurt Vonagut 28.This Is It – Alan Watts
29.Portait of an Artist – James Joyce 30.Interpretation of Dreams – Freud
31.The Soul of Black Folks – W.E.B. Duboise
32.The Affluent Society – John Kenneth Galbreith
33.Alternative Realities – Joel Davis
34.Psychology and the Occult – CG Jung
35.The Doors of Perception – Aldous Huxley
36.In Search of Schrodinger’s Cat – John Gribbon
37.The Communist Manifesto – Carl Marx 38.Ullisys – James Joyce
39.The Psychedelic Experience – Timothy O’Leary
40.The Age of Myth – Tom Chetwynd
41.Formalism and Marxism – Tony Bennett
42.The Dictionary of Philosophical Quotations – Text book
43.Behold the Spirit – Alan Watts 44.Psychedelic Prayers – Tim O’Leary
45.Everything is Under Control – Robert Anton Wilson
46.Sex & Drugs – Robert Anton WIlson
47.Chaos and Beyond – Robert Anton Wilson
48.Character Analysis – Wihelm Reich 49.Does It Matter – Alan Watts
50.A Brief History of Time – Stephen Hawking
51.The Indie Bible- Big Meteor Publishing

Ok there you have it the final books NOT available.
We will put up the books on Ebay I think that was the vote. Sorry if I mis-spelt any. Love Kathy

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  1. Ash says:

    Hi Kathy!

    I think it’s wonderful that you are sharing Mikey’s books with us. I was wondering if you could provide the link for the ebay account that they will be sold through so that I can jeep an eye out for the listing? Thank you, all the best!!! Xx

  2. Ryan says:

    I’m just a 18 year old boy, also a rapper/poet. My birthday is tomorrow. All I want is for Mikey to come back. But because that cant happen, I take it upon myself to have him live through me and my words. I plan to read most of these books in hope of gaining even a portion of his wisdom. I never even met him, how do i miss him so?

  3. Tara says:

    Thank you so much for posting these titles for us Kathy, so many new things to add to my “to -do list”. I had a really random question too, I was hoping I could contact you somehow, email, another website, carrier pigeon, anywhere. I have something I just wanted to share with you about Mikey. And figuring if you’re his Mom, you’re used to weird (weirdside!), and that’s sort of what this is. Anything at all is appreciated, I’ll throw this out there too, my email is

  4. Alexander Mangaard says:

    Hi Kathy! This is wonderful… Books are splendid! I always wonder what those I admire are or have been reading. 🙂 “What thoughts shaped you?”

    It hurts me to see that several online lyrics databases are misquoting Mikey… If you search for Eyedea – Now lyrics, you’ll find several mistaken lyrics. Is there any chance, that you have some of his original scribbles laying around? Or perhaps Gregory Keltgen has some? I’d love to see them corrected and I am currently trying to fix misheard words on a website called RapGenius – it’s hard but joyous work and I’d appreciate any help you can give.

    • KathyAverill says:

      I do have a lot of the lyric’s. Some Mikey even typed up himself for me to have. I haven’t really had time to look at everything that is out in the world.
      If you have anything specific right now in mind let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

      • max conover says:

        Dear Kathy, sadly ive never had the opportunity to meet either mikey or you, but by chance i happen to be in st.paul traveling and i was hoping theres a place here where i could buy a shirt from you?
        If you dont have the time or its too inconveniant i completely understand, I just thought its worth trying.

        • KathyAverill says:

          I would be more than will to meet and have some shirts, cd’s or poetry books for you. I am around town this weekend I know it’s a holiday so you may have things you need to do. Here is a email to better reach me Love to meet just send me a message. Love Kathy

          • Alexander Mangaard says:

            I would love to see some of the lyrics he typed out himself! Did Micheal scribble notes in the books?

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