1014387_10200797359928628_2032166578_nWell world today maybe the last time I have badminton. For say about 20 years we have had at least a few times a summer badminton. We would have one in May or early June to start the summer and then at least one around my B-day to end the summer. Last year we went to Cherokee Park a couple of time to play, by Mikey’s memorial. Badminton was kinda our thing. Even at my college graduation we had badminton, croquet, food on two huge grills (we made kabobs for a couple hundred people), and a fire. It was at my parents and yes their yard is way bigger than mine.

Last night I was out shopping with my mom to pick up paper plates, some kind of plastic game for the little kids. Anyway we were talking and my mom said, “so this is the last badminton?” I said, “ya I think so” She then said, “good it’s not the same” and I answered, “of course it’s not the same, nothing is the same and never will be again, but that can’t let that stop us from doing things” She responded, “I know, I just don’t like it” Funny I don’t think any of us like it, I sure know I don’t.

My hope is that now that most of the kids have their own homes someone will take on this tradition but as Mikey would say to me your an optimistic/pessimist. I hope for the best but am always prepared for the worst. So we will just have to wait and see.

I miss Mikey everyday and sometimes when we do things like this (traditions), it’s hard not too. He was here to help get the yard ready, taste the food and tell me how much he liked it, was mostly the winning team at badminton, would play with the little kids, talk to the adults, be happy to see everyone, and hugs us all.

I have talked in past posts about time and how we think that as time gets farther away from an event it lessens, as I have said I don’t think thats true. I think it changes like the world changes. We become better at faking it. The old saying “fake it until you make it” can help get you through. It can help you to have a small amount of joy in your haze of sadness. It will help make others ok with how they have gone back to life, because we do have to go back to our lives. It will not stop the pain or even make it, at least for me, less of a whole in my heart but it can get you through a day.

I have had a bit of a hard time the past few months and soon as I get things straight, I’m hopeful it will be very soon. I will get to the mail that I promise people I would get too. You have been so supportive, patient, and allow me the time I need to get over one hurdle ¬†at a time. I’m so Grateful!! alls I can say is THANK YOU!!!!! Love Kathy

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  1. Mark says:

    Hi Kathy.. Well I just want to say I’ve been listening to eyedea and abilties, Oliver hart, sixth sense ( 99% percent of all his work probally) I can’t describe in words how amazing micheal has been in my life. He’s helped me get through the roughest times ive ever had..

    Honestly I’ve never heard a single musician even remotely simaler to micheal. I sadly first found out about while listening to the song smile.. (: I then bought all of the songs in the by the throat album online ;D. Though I actually discovered micheals Larsen music a few weeks after his death.. Even worse is that it took me almost a month to really grasp (figure out ): ) the fact he was dead… When I found out he was dead I honestly felt pure sadness ): It was one of the worst moments in my life… Micheal Larsen music has forever affected me and my life, and I’m glad and honored for it! (:

    P.S I’m actually just a 13 year old Canadian male. I was just on my computer one day when I found him….Micheal has really influenced me and affected me, I don’t think I’ll ever come close to describing how…My favorite of his (personally) is his Oliver hart album.

    Bye. (:

    • KathyAverill says:

      thank you for sharing and I’m glad you have come here and found Mikey. He has a way of seeing right to the core of people and that is timeless. Have a great day and keep listening he has many messages. Love Kathy

    • KathyAverill says:

      Thank you and I’m glad you found his music even if it was after his passing. I hope you keep listening because there is more to come. I too like the Oliver Hart, but I would say my favorite is Grands Sixth Sense because it was the very first even before First Born. Buck 65 is from Canada do you know his work? He’s pretty good, you might like him. Thank you again for your support. Love Kathy

      • Mark says:

        No I haven’t heard of buck 65. I just started listening now… It’s good! But what do you mean when you say there’s more to come.. Do you mean from eyedea (micheal)? Is there some unreleased work of his that’s going to come out? ^^ ( I hope so!…..)

  2. Unanimous says:

    Thank you for sharing these stories and your emotions. Eyedea has helped me a lot over the year or so that I’ve heard of him, I honestly don’t think I would’ve handled the stresses that life threw at me very well if I never heard his music. It came into my life at the perfect time.
    He inspired me in a lot of ways. I write poetry and he became an influence of mine in that area. Especially to not doubt myself as much as I usually do.
    Thank you for everything that you do and I just wanted you to know that, among all the lives he touched, he touched mine too.

    • KathyAverill says:

      Thank you and I’m glad his music helps. Being a poet is a hard road but if you stay true to yourself it will work out in the end. Try not to let the masses get to you. Love Kathy

  3. Jacquie says:

    Hi Kathy,

    First of all, I just wanted to say thank you for writing. Your posts are so beautiful and it’s really special that you would share them with us.

    I just wanted to add myself to the endless list of people who have said Michael’s words have touched them. You’re so right when you say he has a way to seeing to the core of people, and that IS timeless.

    The first time I really listened, I heard Hay Fever & By the Throat. It was right after a loss of someone I loved, and I had to just sit. I’ve always loved words and the way they can make me feel, but I’ll -never- forget the first time I heard that. It was so intense an experience, and it still is for me whenever I listen. It spoke to me more clearly than I can even say and touched my heart like nothing had ever done before or since. His words over the years have helped me heal, and broadened my thinking so much.

    I introduce his music to people every chance I get and they are blown away without fail. THANK YOU for writing, and I hope it helps to know that his fans all over the place are still connecting with him and appreciating him every day.

    • KathyAverill says:

      Thank you and I’m glad you found some peace/help/insight when listening to his music. As time goes on my hope is for us to spread his gift to the whole planet. Then maybe we can treat each other better. Love Kathy

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