Long days

kathy's pictures 019Hi world I’m just putting up a tiny note on today. Today started early and sad as a lot of Sundays do. By now I have been up over 7 hours and 1/2 a pack of cigs. I think one of the reasons it’s so hard is I go to breakfast with my folks and seeing them so sad is difficult for me sometimes. See as I have said before Sunday morning is when I had to tell them about Mikey. It was one of those Sunday’s we all were going to breakfast. I was to pick up Mikey and meet my folks at 8am at the restaurant. But instead I went over there about 7 and told them. I still hear my mom saying “no it’s not true” I think when I asked them to call my brother and sister before they heard it some where else, is when it became true for them. I went home and started calling others. As I said I had a pretty good routine down.

So for today’s activities did the breakfast thing with my folks, Jason is coming over to do a few more of those boxes of things I have. Hanging with Patrick before he is off (in military) for a couple years. Fire tonight, burning old papers. If you would like to bring prosperity into your life burning on Sunday’s and Thursday’s is the best days to do that. So tonight at sundown I will be getting a few of the many old files, bills, paper of all sort into the fire. Making room for new and better things to come in.

Thank you all for reading, supporting

Enjoy your day



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  1. Danielle O. says:

    And as always, thank you for sharing. Sending much love your way. 🙂

  2. Devin DeCarli says:

    Astonishing to stumble upon this site and read an update from just yesterday, I just recently became a fan of michael and I instantly became entranced and hooked. Much love from the west coast <3

  3. Mark says:

    I had this question I’ve been wanting to ask for a long time… Kathy what happened to micheal after scribble jam? I don’t get it… Why did eyedea chnage so suddenly.. He started off as one of those steryotypical hip hop guys ( the ones that only talk about girls, money, cash and how amazingly big there egos are) but then he changed into the eyedea that I somehow know.. The one who takes about philopshey, politics and wise words. Is it just me but micheal has allways seemed like two people to me.. I know people have many sides but he changed so drastically, what happend? It’s like his iq went up by 100 points.

  4. B says:

    Love reading, Kathy. Have an awesome week! <3

  5. Joey Cardella says:

    Pcp is joining the service? Much love.

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