New Music Video and Pre-Order from Sammy Warm Hands!

Vacant Eyes COVER

Coming September 25th on Crushkill Recordings, Sammy Warm Hands latest album, Vacant Eyes. Professionally printed digipak, with high quality artwork by Sammy Warm Hands himself. Bonus track and Vacant Eyes sticker included!

All songs remixed and rewritten from the album Famous Last Words (Crushkill Recordings 2015) except “Endless Excuses” and “The Process” from the album Bears Repeating (2014).

1. Nobody Gives a Fuck EXILE REMIX
2. Other Side of The Grind DURAZZO REMIX feat. ThatKidCry
3. Ferguson Rewrite ODAR REMIX feat. Forefeather
4. Morning SAPIENT REMIX feat. Lisa Vazkez
5. Dan Sammo BOOKA B REMIX feat. Man Danno
6. Fuck The Party ECID REMIX
7. The Story of Our Lives Part 2 GRAHAM O’BRIEN REMIX
8. Vacant Eyes GRAVES 33 REMIX
9. Endless Excuses TOMMY V REMIX feat. Ogar Burl & Gradient
10. The Process PHEN REMIX
11. Redefine The Flow WEB REMIX feat. Casual (of Hieroglyphics)

Pre-order here.

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  1. Had the pleasure to meet Sammy Warm Hands this spring on the day of sound set.
    Crush Kill recordings is currently equipped with extraordinarily talented artists and courtesy polite people. Having traveled from southern ontario I can say meeting them was the highlight of my trip. Listened to their new shit on the way home. Had a lot of fun driving to Minnesota, looking forward to another trip. Live strong stay safe and thank you for your time spent making music.

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