Five Year Celebration of Micheal “Eyedea” Larsen!


DJ Abilities
Jeremy Ylvisaker
DJ Willy Lose
Booka B
Michelle Kearney
And special guests!

First Ave Main Room
Monday, November 9th 2015
6 PM // 18+ // $5

Hosted by Carnage the Executioner

For more info and to buy tickets, click here.

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  1. Ryan Burns says:

    Please never stop doing these celebrations. I’m 22 year old aspiring artist from Florida so unfortunately I cant afford to meet any of my heroes and celebrate such a wonderful person yet. I feel like i should have been born 10 years earlier and in Minnesota honestly. After the passing of my father when i was 15, it seemed as though Mike’s music found me in my time of need. It carried me through my teen years and to this day i think about him every day. I’ve listened to every song and seen every interview. Just wish I could have been one of the many people he touched while he was here. He was such a special person and i just wanted to say that i have no doubt he will continue to help people forever. Thanks for taking the time to keep this site going, i know it isn’t easy. I can’t wait til the day i can make it to one of these celebrations of a great life. Peace and love.

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