Carnage The Executioner: The MN Mean Movement [CD]


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“When you hear me speak about bein’ mean in ya’ deck/
See it as less about anger – more about bein’ direct”

Totally unannounced & ready for consumption…Carnage The Executioner releases

Take a moment to Google the term *MINNESOTA NICE*. It generalizes the unwavering non-confrontational, “nice” & polite manner in which people from the chilly, small & hard-to-find state of Minnesota are characterized as interacting with one another.

Carnage The Executioner challenges the overall truth surrounding the locally-popular mantra with his raw, honest & undeniably boom-bap album, “The Minnesota Mean Movement”. Subsequently, an in-depth listen will likely enable you to observe the song’s general relevance as it applies to personal relations in your own locality.

The Minnesota Mean Movement hopes to encourage the examination of our unhealthy inclinations toward being dishonest or insincere with those who don’t share our same opinions, sexual orientations or cultural backgrounds. Tensions stemming from various origins have notably reached an all-time high in the U.S. & abroad. So The Executioner asks that we cleanse ourselves of our cloaked poisonous divisions while using the strength of our voices to respectfully, positively & intelligently speak our minds.

Join the movement…
Or be run over by it.


01. Full Disclosure
prod: West End Productions

02. Hecatomb Cometh
prod: Guerrilla Beats
co-prod: Big Jess
scratches: Imaginary Friend

03. No More MN Nice Guy
prod: Level 13
co-prod: Wesley Opus

04. If You’re The Promoter
prod: J.Bomb.Beat
co-prod: Big Jess

05. Minnesota Mean
prod: J.Bomb.Beat
co-prod: Wesley Opus

06. How To Get Away With Murder
prod: Blastah Beatz

07. Return Of The Coaches
prod: Big Jess

08. Who Got The Props?
(Live at Dakota Jazz Club)

09. Hustle The Struggle
(Live at Dakota Jazz Club)

10. Minnesota Mean
(Empathy Version)
(feat: Dispute One, O.S.P., Niles, King Fuvi & Katana Da Don)
prod: Big Jess

Executive Producers: M. Terrell “Carnage The Executioner” Woods (Hecatomb Industries) & Jaron McDaniel (West End Productions)

All songs written, conceived, arranged & co-produced by M. Terrell Woods (Executioner Style Music – ASCAP), except where otherwise noted.

Mixing, recording & engineering: Rob Genedek (Brewhouse Studios) / Jaron McDaniel / Wesley Opus (Hopeful Opus Productions) / Big Jess (Big Jess Music).

Mastering: Rob Genadek & Jaron McDaniel.

Artwork: Pat Jensen.

Photos: & Simone Woods.


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