So this is Christmas

Well I wasn’t sure what or how to write this. So I thought I’ll just start and see where it goes. This weekend we did our Christmas as I put in a previous post, this year we did Christmas early so that we as a family had less running around to do. As most families there is at least two sides of a family to go to on that busy day. Some families do one side on the eve and then the other on the day. So for the new way of life around here is, we will hold our family gathering for this holiday the weekend before and let everyone do something different on that day. Last year a few friends and I went to the movies and this year I will go by myself. Last year I was surprised at how many people go to the movies. As my family gets older and there will be less of us doing things together, alone is the new normal. One more thing to get use to after Mikey. It would be nice if the new first’s would be like when we were kids and the first things were fun and exciting like walking, talking, eating, dancing, singing, smiling, dating, loving, but now they just are. Each new first I do just remind me what the world has lost, what is and isn’t being done, who else has come and gone, what other first will happen, is the world really changing for the better? So the holiday weekend started on friday with the last annually holiday party. It was a very sad time for my mom. She was very disappointed in those who did not show up but was glad to see those who did. She left early because for her too there are first’s she doesn’t like but the world has changed. I like always, have planned my next year and for this I’m excited and can’t wait it’s not a first it’s a old. On Friday the day winter break starts I’m getting in a car and driving south. I will stop when I get to some place warm by the water. See before Mikey was born I would just leave and stop some where, spend some time and then go some where else. My mom is worried that one of these times I just won’t come back and she is right. We were talking the other day about how when I was a little kid I disliked the cold. I would go ice skating (indoors) but really didn’t like the cold. When we would go skiing I would go cuz you have to do everything for a year to see if you liked it but I always took a book. When every one would go sliding or make snow forts I would sit in the car or on top of the hill and read. But in the spring, summer or fall you couldn’t get me to come inside. I have a few things left to do here. I will probably be here a good year or two before I have things running on there own or at least smother. Then I will just go one day. Call my family when I get to where I’ll be. Now days with cell phones and emails they won’t worry as much as they use to. You know cells weren’t around much until what? the 90’s. I got some great gifts that I wasn’t expecting. I now have a smart tv, which came from Adam and Michelle. I had to figure out how to work it and I do have to say I couldn’t get it to shut off for at least a day. They hind the buttons now days. It’s huge and the first day I kept backing up in the couch cuz it was like to close. We had great food at the party. I made chili, Emma’s dad Mike smoked some turkey, Michelle made chicken curry, Sabrina made spicy turkey meatballs, Liz brought chocolate’s, varies fruits, cheeses, crackers, breads and Rachel made her bacon wraps. Gloria is so funny she said I was here for the first and now the last. That’s what happens with friend from grade school. It was good to have a bunch of teens (the kids who Mikey was just starting to teach the couple years before he passed) on hand, they did make my mom smile and even laugh a bit. I gave away something old of mine and something from Mikey’s childhood. My mom has made a special gift for a few. I’m not putting in here what they are because I’m not sure what I’m going to do with those who didn’t come and my mom wants to mail out a few to those who don’t live here. Gloria said mail them you probably won’t see them for awhile and time goes so fast it will be summer before you see them. She might be right the mail is so convenient and since I’m busy just about everyday this break it might be faster than trying to find a time to meet up. So Sat was busy with old student’s who came back from college and then out dancing with friends. It was nice to see my student’s they stop by when they come home, to hang out, catch up about school and paint the door. I see them more in the summer of course so when I was reminding them I won’t be home next winter break they got that sad look which was funny but not really true. They have lots to do they are just good kids and stop by when they are here. It’s a safe, warm and loving place. People lose time here, fall a sleep here, it’s been home to many far and near. As Mikey said “I hope they will be alright with out a proper guide, to all my loved ones and followers peace out at least I tried” Then as I said Sunday was our family gathering. We ate, played games, hung out with no rush or hurry. Then when I got home a few friends came over to exchange gifts. I get a lot of school picture, from my friend they still have school age kids, which I just adore. I have lots of them up around the house. Today Monday is the day I planned to myself, clean up the house, put things back from the holidays, get back on the emails, internet, update you on what was going on. I should say why I haven’t been on the internet much because I have had a migraine, they can last for weeks and I lose my sight so I stay away from lights, sounds, things that can trigger it again. But now I’m find so can start to answer the things I haven’t in the past couple weeks. Sorry everyone for that. So here are my main medical problems migraines, rheumatoid arthritis, and allergies not bad for 50 something. I did forgot to take pictures at the holidays which I feel yes and no about. The yes is it would of been good to have some of our last time together but the no is I don’t really like taken them yet. I have taken a few at things but it feels strange even throw I took picture from the time I was little. I even still have a couple of my old box cameras. Well I think that’s plenty of info for now. Thanks for reading, supporting, loving, and have a great Holiday. Love Kathy

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  1. Love you, I am glad to see your still trying. Its one form of healing. Keep it up!

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