R.Eye.P Crewneck Sweatshirts + Hoodies Now Available!

Available for the first time ever, R.Eye.P Crewneck sweatshirts and pull over hoodies!



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Oliver Hart – The Many Faces Release Show 7-12-02

Made available thanks to YouTube user Leif Nelson!

From his description: Release show for the album “The Many Faces of Oliver Hart Or How I One The Write To Think” at First Avenue 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis MN on July 12, 2002.

Features Eyedea, Carnage and Brother Ali.

This is a rough edit of two angles shot by myself and Pat Milbery. There’s a bit of audio clipping and the footage is not color corrected.

SD, 480p runtime 49:54


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New Carnage the Executioner Music Video: “Minnesota Mean”

Carnage the Executioner.

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Five Year Celebration of Micheal “Eyedea” Larsen!


DJ Abilities
Jeremy Ylvisaker
DJ Willy Lose
Booka B
Michelle Kearney
And special guests!

First Ave Main Room
Monday, November 9th 2015
6 PM // 18+ // $5

Hosted by Carnage the Executioner

For more info and to buy tickets, click here.

Please consider helping us fund this project via our IndieGoGo campaign.

RSVP on Facebook.

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New Music Video and Pre-Order from Sammy Warm Hands!

Vacant Eyes COVER

Coming September 25th on Crushkill Recordings, Sammy Warm Hands latest album, Vacant Eyes. Professionally printed digipak, with high quality artwork by Sammy Warm Hands himself. Bonus track and Vacant Eyes sticker included!

All songs remixed and rewritten from the album Famous Last Words (Crushkill Recordings 2015) except “Endless Excuses” and “The Process” from the album Bears Repeating (2014).

1. Nobody Gives a Fuck EXILE REMIX
2. Other Side of The Grind DURAZZO REMIX feat. ThatKidCry
3. Ferguson Rewrite ODAR REMIX feat. Forefeather
4. Morning SAPIENT REMIX feat. Lisa Vazkez
5. Dan Sammo BOOKA B REMIX feat. Man Danno
6. Fuck The Party ECID REMIX
7. The Story of Our Lives Part 2 GRAHAM O’BRIEN REMIX
8. Vacant Eyes GRAVES 33 REMIX
9. Endless Excuses TOMMY V REMIX feat. Ogar Burl & Gradient
10. The Process PHEN REMIX
11. Redefine The Flow WEB REMIX feat. Casual (of Hieroglyphics)

Pre-order here.

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I call him Cole you may know him as Seez Mic


And I won’t tell you his real name but I met him in summer of 2010 when Educator Consumers were out on tour with Mikey. It was not at a show as you would think. Although I did see a show or two. But Mikey had stopped his tour to do a favor for a friend. Host a benefit for the friends sister who had passed away. I remember standing out side talking with Cole about all the people here, how they knew each other. How Mikey would host this day and then get right back on tour. Well Cole has ventured out he has a new cd, a little mini tour that Michelle from Crushkill Recordings has put together, and he’ll be staying at the house and helping me out a bit. I hope you check out his shows, cd, and watch for more to come. Thanks Cole, Michelle, and Brady you do more than you know. Love Kathy

P/S you can buy it here under store.

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12460_1217218242896_933267_nI try to walk my neighborhood a couple times a day, these days. It helps to work on motivating me a little. I walk barefoot to connect with the ground, grass and pavement a like. Today as I was out I was thinking about words, life, and how things are. I have gotten asked many times if I have regrets, guilt, sorries, would you do things different, and I usually answer yes and no.

The yes is of course we all would like to do something different, say something we didn’t, take back something we said or did.  The no is if things were done differently then we wouldn’t become or do the things we did. If I had done something differently Mikey wouldn’t of been who he was. Now some may think Mikey was born to be who he was no matter what part the rest of us played. That two is yes and no.

Yes, I believe each of us is born to a purpose or reason and that never really changes. As I said once before when Mikey was just a toddler we were at a book store and my mom and I found a book that told about people’s births. In this book the two things that stood out then and still now were he was going to be a vegetarian and that he would pass before 32. So when I read the vegetarian part out loud my mom and I both laughed because this little kid ate about every three hours and liked meat. Then when I came on the death I slammed the book shut and said that’s enough of that I don’t want to know any more. My mom picked it up and read some but I walked away so she couldn’t tell me. We talked about it here and there over the years and then Mikey became vegetarian and I wondered what else was in it. But I can remember the store we were at, which I don’t think exist any more B Dalton was the name. I know it’s not at the mall we were at, it is not there I know that. Not the damn name of the book or author.

The no is I believe our environment plays apart in what we do also. Letting Mikey explore things he was interested in, standing by him, supporting him, teaching him, and protecting him. All gave him an environment to become who he was. It is both nature and nurture that makes up who we become. So Mikey was going to be something special I would tell him and others that starting from before he was born. Yes most, if not all, mom’s talk to their babies while they are still in us.

I have more memories than any other word. I have many I have and will share, I have some I will keep just for me, some are our families, some are friends. They too will choose what and when to share or keep. I have reflects which are not good or bad just an out side look at things. Seeing all sides to what took place is sometime hard to look at. Even harder to understand.

Loss and strength two words that seem to be daily in my life now.  I hear a lot, sorry for your loss, you are so strong. I understand many think I’m doing better then they if they were in my shoes. I disagree I think some have done better with worse and others have done badly with less. Each of us has the ability to do what is necessary but having the tools that go with not all of us have. I don’t have many tools but I’m learning new ones to help.

Life I believe is a wheel is has moved in the time it has taken to write this. It has moved to someone has died, been born, laughed, cried, kissed, hit, loved, hated, hugged, shared, learned, taught, craved, explored, and many more have turned. I don’t feel I can change life it is what it is and will be. I can look at life as an adventure with all the ups and downs that an adventure holds. I can move with the wheel or against it, but the wheel has moved. So have all of us. Some have moved far in all ways, some have moved in sum way, some a little way, some are back peddling and want the wheel to go that way too, some just don’t know the wheel moved, some don’t care and some want it to go faster. There is nothing we can do with or against it has moved. Acknowledge it Accept it The world has moved on. But none of this doesn’t mean we can’t change that’s the funny thing about all creatures the ability to change. Everything in the universe is always on the change.

Mikey was so smart on so many things. Many times in his music he has asked the tough questions: What would you do if you only had an hour left, would you spend it saying it’s not enough or I asked like 20 questions and still wasn’t sure, so I turn around and found my self in heaven or Will the children be alright without a proper guide, to all my loved one and followers at least I tried or Only the lonely resent angels for flying or Sometimes gun fire burns brighter than sun shine or I just hope he got to see the sun, one more time before. Now these aren’t questions per se I’m just remembering thought provoking parts of songs.

Just things I pondered on my walk. Thanks for reading, thanks for sticking with me, thanks for sharing, thanks for supporting, thanks for loving each other, thanks for hugging, and don’t forget to smile. Love Kathy

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11 8So it’s been a while since I have put anything up here. I have no excuse but something life. I have been spending only a few hours a day doing many things I want to get done. So I do a couple hours of picture scanning, job searching, house and yard work, posting and then I’m wiped. But as I have been scanning show and personal pictures I thought I would share a few with you. I tried to put them in by where I wanted to talk about them but that wouldn’t work. So as this is now the 2nd time I’m writing I think they will just come at the beginning and hopefully so will the numbers and I’ll number the writing. Here’s hoping it works. Mikey between 2 and 6 years old. Enjoy

1. Is around age 2 and he has 2 yes 2 light sabers. That’s his uncle’s hand cuz Mikey is showing him how to use it. If I remember right Mikey didn’t like how my brother was holding it and Mikey had to show him how. He got such a laugh at how my brother was doing. I’m pretty sure my brother was doing it wrong on purpose just to get Mikey laughing and to correct him. They did that a lot to each other.

2. Mikey on his big wheel turtle with my sunglasses on. This was at my grandparents house and Mikey could ride for hours around the house. He would go from the sun porch through the living room and dining room into the kitchen. Then do it all over again. He loved running or riding all over the house.

3. Just one of the many days/nights that he would sleep. You can see he’s super tired but wont give in or up to going to bed. He was/is like his mom I never liked to go to bed as a kid. It was a fight between my folks and me then moved to me and Mikey having the same trouble. The mother’s cruse you get a kid worse than you. Remember that world when you have kids at least one will be worse than you were.

4. This is one of those time when Mikey heard Jimmy (his godfather) voice after he had been in bed. When ever Jimmy came by even if Mikey was asleep he would hear him, get out of bed and coming running to him. They loved each other so much. Which is the reason why I made the rule that if you woke him up you had to get him back to bed. Sometimes that would be really hard but I stuck to it.

5. Around 3 he got one of those Alphie learning games. This was one of the first interactive computer learning games. Now of course there are lots of them but back then very few. It taught you simple math, spelling, and the fun things. He carried it around with him so it was good entertainment.

6. One of the few times Mikey ate sweets. Yes it is a powered donut, standing on the kitchen chair. The no ones prefect sign in the back ground was mine since the late 70’s and it now has a home in a friends house. I gave it to her last year when I started decreasing the things in my house.

7. This one is about age 6 when we first moved into the house I still live in. He is standing by one of his favorite chairs. A pink wicker rocker. We painted it pink. It is from my families cabin and was a baby blue but Mikey didn’t like the color. So we spray painted it pink, at the time it was his favorite color.

8. So this one is Mikey and my dad. They loved to laugh together. Sometimes they would do little things to get the other to laugh. Mikey had such a great laugh. I miss that.

9. Mikey and Barb at her house. Barb’s mom was one of my best friends for a long time, she is gone now. I sure miss her.

10 and 11 the last two pictures I didn’t number because it puts them all in a row, which is not how I wanted them set up. So the one of the left is from softball. Again Mikey and Barb, we spent lots of time in the summers with the guys playing softball. Tournaments, week nights and weekends. Mikey is standing on the Como Park fields sign. He always climbed on everything. One of the reasons we built him a loft bed.

The picture on the right is one of the first bike ramps Mikey built. He was always building something. Ramps, forts, snow forts, rooms, studios, and many other things.

So there you go a little bit of the many thousands of pictures I have, am scanning and will someday do something with. Thank you all for the amazing support for all the things we are doing, the events we have done and the ones to come, the music, the poetry books, and the art. I thank you for all the amazing tributes, tattoos, naming your next generations, and the amount of you who visit the park. I would say there hasn’t been a time when a family member has been to the bench and there are flowers, books, cig, picture at the bench. THANK YOU

Love Kathy

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Ómós Poetry Book now Available


Ómós is the newest collection of poems by Micheal Larsen, Margaret Schneider, and several other friends and family.

Ómós use = a thabhairt do dhuine = to pay homage to somebody.

Cover art by Saadya Nothing:

The second to last page has been colored by friends and family (drawings will vary from what’s pictured), and fans are encouraged to do their own artwork on the final blank page, and send a picture with their location to: CrushkillRecords@gmail.com.

Purchase here.

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Murs speaking on his favorite moments with Eyedea

Murs of Living Legends shares his favorite memories with Micheal “Eyedea” Larsen.

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