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Here’s a little story about a man named Mikey and his dog, mainly about the dog. So as I am watching my brothers dog this week end that way my nephew can compete in a skiing, I was think of when we (Mikey and I) got our dog Sasha. She was just a few weeks old and we bought her out of the newspaper. The family that had her had to move and couldn’t take the dog with.  So I told Mikey he would have a job with the dog and that would be to love and play with her but he would have to go to puppy school with her so they could learn a few commands and be safe when others (animals or people) were around. So we got her in late spring and in the beginning of summer it was puppy school time. Now it was a bit of a drive to the classes but even with the complaining about how we don’t need to take classes Mikey went. He learned the basics, commands for sit, to walk or heel, and then I taught her how to protect the boys and the house. It was funny when she would play with kids, so was so good at knowing if they are big kids or little kids. With the big kids she played rough and with little kids she was very gentle. The boys would do things like have her hang on to a stick and spin her around flying off the ground and she loved it. We would play keep away with her in the middle it was so funny watching her run back and forth but when she would get the ball she would run around us keeping it away from us. With little kids she would let them clime all over her and she didn’t even move. She was a funny puppy when we would leave the house she would chew on the shoes of the last person out the door, then she would jump on the kitchen table which was by two big windows so she could watch to see when we came back. Now we worried about her doing that because if something happened and we went home she could get hurt. We did all kinds of things to keep her off but nothing worked. We put things on the table to cover it thinking if she couldn’t lay on it she would stay off, no she just moved the stuff. We put a little fence around it thinking if she has to jump over it or try to get under it she would stay off the table. No, she got it apart, where ever we had it held together by hook or tie or clip she would get it apart and get on the table. Sometimes as we pulled in the yard we could she her up there and even say in the car get off the table and we could she her jump down. Of course we would just laugh cause she would be up there no matter what we did. Another funny thing was as some of you know we would also call her a goat. Sasha would eat everything, and I mean everything. She ate toys, plastic, rubber, paper, candy, food (people or animals), wood, grass, bugs, flowers, string, cloth, anything she wanted to. The first few times she eat thing we would rush her to the vet and he would say she’s ok. After that we would tell her not to and sometimes she stopped sometimes not. She did as she got older stop eating thing that were ours but she also eat her toys. We would watch her for hours just eating at a toy, picking it apart and throwing some of the piece around the living room, some she ate and we would say don’t do that but she was trying to get to the little thing that made it squeak. Then she would play with that little piece throwing it up in the air, at us so we would throw it back. For those of you who have been at the house seen her crazy behavior, played with her, swung her around the yard all know these thing to be how she was. We had a fire here one night and when of the boys from back in the day was over, he and his girlfriend were hugging and I told my friend watch this I yelled Sasha and he took one step back. We all laughed. Some of you kids from back when we got the dog know why the trash can is a big wooden box, so here’s the reason for the rest of you. Our dog was super smart (in our minds anyway) as I said she would eat anything so we all have trash can of some sort in the house well she would eat it, didn’t matter if the can was in a closed cupboard, one you had to step on to open, one with that swing top,  it didn’t matter if someone standing right next to her she would go for it. I use to say dumb dog but it was still funny. We tried many thing finally my folks found this old potato bind. It’s solid wood and very heavy, you pull up the top and then throw in the trash, well the first time the dog tried to pull up the top it being heavy wood it smacked her in the nose. She back up it was like a old fashion mouse trap, it snapped back. She did it a couple more times couple smacked on the nose and that was that she stop getting in the trash. Funny dog. It was very hard on Mikey when she passed and I never got a chance to tell him that I was proud of how he handled all the decisions when she got sick. I know the last week of her life he spent every min he could with her and I hope they are together now having all the fun they had here. Thanks for reading, sharing, caring and sticking with me. Love Kathy

ml photo

She could jump as high as Mikey could reach

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These are not in any order, but she still has her holiday present.

These are not in any order, but she still has her holiday present.

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Sasha and Maxx

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great read, I really enjoyed it.

  2. su bhav says:

    wonderful article kathy.
    evoked strong emotions of love and sadness in me.and i hope michael and sasha are having fun too:)..

  3. oscar says:


  4. Devin DeCarli says:

    hay fever is one of my favorite songs.

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