Eyedea/Micheal Larsen/Oliver Hart: [Bracelet 5-Pack]

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Since shipping a single bracelet costs more than the bracelet itself, here’s your chance to grab all five at once!

-When in Rome, Kill the King (White)
-Here for You (Black)
-Make Money and Die (Green)
-I’m a Good Boy…… (Blue)
-……But I’m a Better Girl (Pink)

Single bracelets are available through our Bandcamp store.

1 review for Eyedea/Micheal Larsen/Oliver Hart: [Bracelet 5-Pack]

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    My favorite are the “good boy, better girl” combo. Most my friends are scared to wear them both at the same time, and I feel strange and insecure at times, but I think that may be why I must wear them. I’m shy and am always worried about what other people think about me, which I think almost everyone will deny they do it too. That fear is limiting our potential to draw outside the lines, so we have very few heroes truly encouraging us to act and break free from “This trap that we all call the real world” I’m not sure why this line from “Chemical Burns” was chosen and would appreciate some clarity on this matter. If Kathy would like to share her knowledge to explain the meaning of the line and the reason for this particular product I would forever cherish her response until the day I die.

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