Fan Covers “Now” at a Middle School

A fan covers “Now” off of Eyedea and Abilities’ 2004 record E&A.

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  1. [d]EBRA says:

    Thank you guys for posting this! Here’s some backstory to how the whole event even unfolded. My first time officially hearing Eyedea & Abilities was at Fifth Element for the By the Throat release party. My husband is from MN, I’m from CA, and we went the last day of our family vacation visiting his family. I hadn’t yet broadened my Rhymesayers exposure past Atmos. I’m pretty sure it was there that I first heard “now” and I was completely blown away by the super fast super long part. “Babe. He’s still going. Holy shit, he’s still going!” After the song I said mostly joking, “I can do that. I will do that.” About a year after that I sat down with my iPod & headphones and spent 2 & a half hours transcribing the song by hand. I started conquering piece by piece and I was pretty determined to be able to keep up. Then Eyedea passed. I kept working on it. I only very recently got it. My principal brought up in a staff meeting that we were doing a talent show and teachers were welcome to participate. My hand shot up and I asked if I could rap. I was unexpectedly told yes. This changed everything. Especially with the show being the anniversary & celebration weekend, I had to do it. I wanted to honor Eyedea. Carnage and I became close friends after meeting at Fifth Element that July, and he hooked me up with his friend who had the instrumental track. It was only the day of the show that I decided to add in the “smile” part and dedication to E&A, Rhymesayers, & Kathy at the end. Performing in front of people is scary. Being the only teacher at my school to participate was scary too. Knowing I’m just a white girl mom wife middle school special ed teacher who will be rapping in front of everyone was super scary. Shit, middle school itself is a very critical scary place. But to have the forum and the timing and the heart to actually do what I never thought possible was amazing. I’m not a rapper. I have no real skills. But I have a heart for music so deep, and a respect for Eyedea & the whole Rhymesayers family that I wanted to sine through to kids and parents and staff that probably don’t even like hip hop. The whole thing wasn’t about me. Most people have gotten that. The exposure I’ve received was not sought after, but I’m glad that people can see just how unusual of a connection art can make. I met Eyedea a handful of times and each time he treated me and my husband like old friends. I got to hang out with Kathy this summer at the breakdance battle Carnage hosted, and she changed my approach to motherhood. Wonderful wonderful people. I truly love them like family. My performance was nowhere near perfect.. It took every ounce of focus to make it through the smile breakdown and dedication.. But I wouldn’t change a bit of it.. Respectful tears and all. If just one person checks out E&A because of it, then I’m happy. Even if they don’t, I’m happy that I got to pay my respects so publicly, and that you all get to see it. you[pl]areloved

  2. [d]EBRA says:

    Kristoff & Kathy, thanks for taking note of my performance. I love you both. <3 debra.. The "married" half of the "married cows" freestyle from the By the Throat release.

  3. Alexi Zeren says:

    Amazing job. They should sneak this song onto karaoke machines as a joke.
    Thank You so much for doing this tribute. I’ve wanted to do a tribute to mikey for a while now and this just gave me a LOT more courage, I have a show coming up and want to cover the dive pt 1 and 2. Any idea on where i could find the instrumental? Thanks

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