Unique Technique’s 30th Birthday Tribute to Micheal Larsen

E&A at The Bottom Lounge in Chicago, July 2010

Patrick Pegg of Unique Techniques got together with Kathy, Chris (Kristoff Krane) and Terrell (Carnage) to put together an hour and fifteen minute podcast commemorating the 30th birthday of Micheal Larsen, featuring an interview with Kathy Averill. The results speak for themselves. We miss you Mike.

Carnage beatboxing “Star Destroyer” from Eyedea & Abilities 2004 album E&A

Carnage The Executioner — Star Destroyer (Heaven’s Gate 11911) from Unique Techniques on Vimeo.

Kathy Averill reading “Ode to Hip-Hop,” and otherwise unreleased early writing by Micheal Larsen

UT#07: Kathy Averill, Mother of Micheal Larsen / Eyedea from Unique Techniques on Vimeo.

Kristoff Krane covering “i wish you well.” from the Micheal Larsen acoustic album When in Rome, Kill the King

Kristoff Krane – Micheal Larsen’s “i wish you well.” from Unique Techniques on Vimeo.

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Patrick (PCP) covering “skinny.” by Carbon Carousel from their 2007 EP Nervous

PCP – Micheal Larsen’s “Skinny” from Unique Techniques on Vimeo.

Nervous on iTunes

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  1. Alex says:

    Everyone did great, but Pat absolutely brought me to tears with his rendition of Skinny. It’s always hit close to home, as I have watched a few people I love go through hardships with eating disorders, but for some reason it’s an especially potent song to me today. Thanks.

  2. marvin lopez says:


  3. Mc Create says:

    Micheal Larsen opened my eyes, sometimes i feel like his inside my head, gave me inspiration…still helps me get through everyday. rest in peace

  4. The music of Eyedea constantly saves my life, his words have not only made him the greatest rapper/poet but also a Life Teacher and philospher. His enlightened insight to the human experience is a valuable gift not only to hip hop heads but to the entire crazy planet.
    True story (streamlined) : early 2005. My older sister died, long time gf broke up with me, I was 23 years old. My soul crushed, i was utterly depressed, doing random hard drugs instead of the usual herbs and occaisional liquid adventure in the middle of woods. I was fed up, so i decided to say fuck it and end my life…..but first listen to some Eyedea and Abilities before im dead. I’ve thought that maybe i subconsciously knew that his words would lift me, either way the song “Paradise” off E & A ended up touching my soul to its core. It grabbed my temporarily nihilist soul and infused it while enlightened flavorings and loving toppings of beauty. He saved my god damn life And i never got to thank him.

    I Thank him everyday when i spread not only his genius music and lyrics but his crystallized form of life as a beautiful adventure jam, where we all have instrument to play and a solo to live.

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