Photo on 2012-12-24 at 08.47Hi world it’s mid-day Sunday and as I said I would put up the first box of records from Mikey. Again not sure what to do with them all but would like you to see some of the ones he had. So this is the first box of nine that I will let people see. They are in alphabet order of the box. I’m sure some you will know some you will not. Enjoy and THANK YOU ALL for the love and support you continue to give. Love Kathy

Ahmad Jamal trio 1958

America 1971

Antiworlds Andrei Voznesensky

Arlo Guthrie 1978

Arlo Guthrie hobo’s lullabye 1972

Arrested DevelopmentĀ  1994

Barry Whites greatest hits 1973

Best of Little Anthony

Billy Cobham’s Glass mengerie 1982

Billy Cobham Spectrum 1973

Bob Dylan Greatest hits

Bob Dylan John Wesley Harding

Bob James Touchdown 1978

Boiled in lead from the ladle to the grave1989

Bootsy 1978

Bread 1972

Charlie Byrd Aquarius

Chick Corea

Chick Corea again and again1983

Chick Corea 1976

Chick Corea 1982

Chick Corea Return to forever 1977

Chopin concert #2

DJ Swamp never ending breakbeats

Deep Purple who do we think we are1970

Del the funk homosapien

Donald Byrd Steel Lady

Earth Wind Fire Gratitude 1975

Eric Quincy Tate 1972

George Winston 1982

Hendrix Band of Gypsys 1969

Herbie Hancock

Herbie Hancock Sextant

Jeff Beck group 1973

Jimi Hendrix Experience

Jimi Hendrix Rainbow Bridge 1971

Jimi Hendrix what’d i say 1965

Jimi Hendrix # 2

Jimi Hendrix

Johnny Cash Jerry lee Lewis Hank Williams

Illogic celestial clock work

John Lennon Double Fantasy 1980

Johnny Cash I walk the line

Kimya Dawson and friends Alphabutt

Led Zeppelin III 1970

Led Zeppelin 1969

Mahalia Jackson

McCoy Tyner Trident

Janis Joplin Pearl

Pink Floyd Dark side of the moon 1973

Ohio Players Honey 1975

Organized Konfusion

Stanley Clarke Journey to love 1975


Sesame Street 1 1974

Sketches Megan McDonough 1974

Steppenwolf abc collection1976

The Rolling Stone goats head soup 1973

The Wizard of Oz

Time out to think Fr. Gene Jakubek

Weather report heavy weather 1977

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  1. E and O says:

    Thank YOU!!!

  2. Kim Hopewell says:

    Thank you!! It’s a fascinating look into the life of Mikey.

  3. Kev James says:

    Wow what a great collection. Now I know why I loved his music and lyrics. Classic set of albums. Are you selling them?

  4. name says:

    Should never be sold.

  5. alejandro vazquez says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the stories, its late past midnight (3:42am) and I was going through mikes videos on you tube and decided to look for any videos of him I could buy. So I typed in his name on google and came across this website that im very greatful for, I’ve only read the stories haven’t really looked elsewhere. I miss him even though I never met him. I will never forget him, he inspired me to write music; even though im not big or anything I just write on my own and hope to make a cd/album soon. I want to tell you, which im pretty sure you hear it all the time.”you are the best mother anyone could ask for”. I love my mother too but our relationship isn’t as close as yours and michaels. matter of fact my little brothers name is Michael, I think that’s pretty cool. anyways my deepest respect and gratitude goes out to you.
    I love your sons music. its more than just music its …..there not a word made up yet for the word im looking for, not that I know of obviously. I don’t know if I have said too much but if you get to read this, im sorry for anything wrong ive might of said. anything that might of upset you or bothered you. I hope not, I hope to meet you guys in the future or other lifetime, I really miss him. thank you for the time to write the stories you have written. its now 3:59am and im tired, I know I have so many things to ask and say but my brain is too heavy, I almost have a headache. but I feel good to write to the mother of the biggest inspiration in my life. thank you for your time and chance to letting me express my thoughts and weirdness. truly Alejandro Vazquez Eyedea/Oliver Heart/ Michael Larsens biggest fan.

    • KathyAverill says:

      Thank you for sharing with me. I hope you do write, write what you feel, for yourself and others, what you see around you. You can never tell those around you could be feeling, seeing the same or different and it makes growth for us all. It’s no bother to hear how people miss him, love him, enjoy his music those all good ways we all keep him in our thoughts, mind and world. Love Kathy

  6. alejandro vazquez says:

    “its not like I could help it, that’s just the way my mother raised me.”

  7. jimmy says:

    thanks! i agree that these should never be sold. MIKEY LIVES ON!

    i would love it if you shared more of the collection

  8. Conor Crusinberry says:

    Hi may I ask what Del record you guys have I’m very curious, huge fan of Mikey, his music saved my life in more ways than one.

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