Murs speaking on his favorite moments with Eyedea

Murs of Living Legends shares his favorite memories with Micheal “Eyedea” Larsen.

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4 Responses to Murs speaking on his favorite moments with Eyedea

  1. Hanna ellis says:

    My friend is in love with Eyedea. You rock man

  2. deshea thomas says:

    And so am i

  3. Andrew says:

    When I first heard eyedea and abilities on a burned CD it was like a 12 gauge slug to the chest. I was in a very transitional state confused about life and desperately searching for purpose. Than I found out he grew up about 45 minutes away from me. Unfortunately by the time I was blessed with his music he had already left this earth but Micheal Larsen’s music saved my life there is absolutely no doubt about that and I would have walked the earth to tell him that

  4. Dissabled says:

    Touching. Hats off to the greatest freestyle rapper. And perhaps the greatest there will ever be. RIP Eyedea.

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