Murs speaking on his favorite moments with Eyedea

Murs of Living Legends shares his favorite memories with Micheal “Eyedea” Larsen.

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  1. Hanna ellis says:

    My friend is in love with Eyedea. You rock man

  2. deshea thomas says:

    And so am i

  3. Andrew says:

    When I first heard eyedea and abilities on a burned CD it was like a 12 gauge slug to the chest. I was in a very transitional state confused about life and desperately searching for purpose. Than I found out he grew up about 45 minutes away from me. Unfortunately by the time I was blessed with his music he had already left this earth but Micheal Larsen’s music saved my life there is absolutely no doubt about that and I would have walked the earth to tell him that

  4. Dissabled says:

    Touching. Hats off to the greatest freestyle rapper. And perhaps the greatest there will ever be. RIP Eyedea.

  5. EAL says:

    On my way to watch The World Has No Eyedea, with mixed emotions and welling tears of confusion, the tears unable to decide whether to escape the internal insanity or remain comfortably inside near grateful memories. Either way, I will remain grateful for the moment now.

  6. sakcham says:

    eyedea your music was everything for me I really look up at the stars when it twinkle I see your thought over there your music gave me a new life

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